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Our professional teachers love learning and pass that love and excitement to the children.

Karen Wong

Co-founder & Principal
Diploma in Montessori Pedagogy, MCI; Bachelor in Business (Marketing), UTS; BA in Theology, Mission, & Ministry, SPTC; MA in Global Learning, UCL

While I was pregnant with my first, I found myself searching for the best way to support his development. That’s when I stumbled upon the Montessori method, and it just clicked for me, especially how to nurture early language, literacy, and independent skills. So I set up a little Montessori corner at home and got so hooked on the philosophy that I went ahead and studied for the Diploma in Montessori Pedagogy, wrapping it up right before my second one arrived.


When it was time for my son’s kindergarten and nothing out there felt just right, I took the leap and kicked off my own place, Brain Champs, with baby number two as my sidekick. That’s the story of how I got started in the education field, and I’ve been devoted to teaching and learning ever since.


My goal? To shake things up in the early education scene. I want to arm educators with not just the know-how but the right vibe and vision to keep pushing the envelope, to enrich their journey, and to be the best at guiding our kids. I’m all about inspiring parents too so they get the real deal about what education can mean for their little ones. Learning should be a blast, something that draws you in and makes you think. It’s about bonding, reflecting, and making sure the knowledge and skills we teach are not just textbook material but life-relevant.

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This drive to connect with people and our planet led me to the field of global citizenship through education. Right now, I’m working on a Master’s degree in Global Learning at UCL University. I’m a believer that education is about more than just learning our ABCs, 123s and getting the grades – it’s a springboard for hope and big-picture thinking. It’s about grooming our kids to think globally, aiming for a world that’s just, sustainable, and ready to roll up its sleeves for the greater good.


In the early stages, it’s key to weave in lessons about empathy and cultural respect, showing kids how we all fit together in this global puzzle. We must aim to build a generation that’s ready to do good in the world and face the challenges, together.

Jane Wong

Co-founder & Mandarin Curriculum Creator and Director.
BA in Library Science, Taiwan National University; Consultant Librarian the Malaysian Chinese Research Center's library.

Jane’s professional journey began as a Chinese language teacher, a role she has passionately embraced for over three decades. During her tenure at Nanyang Press, where she served as the head of the resources center, she cultivated a deep passion for teaching and learning Mandarin. Her teaching experience is extensive and diverse, spanning from young students to adult professionals in executive corporate roles.

Her teaching philosophy centers on making learning Mandarin relevant, practical, and always engaging. Wong’s methodology is characterized by its fun, hands-on, and explorative nature, catering to a wide range of learners from young children to adult professionals in executive roles. This approach not only enhances the learning experience but also ensures that the language remains vibrant and accessible to learners of all ages and backgrounds.

She also holds a pivotal position as a Consultant Librarian at the Malaysian Chinese Research Center, and has been instrumental in preserving Chinese literature and documents in Malaysia. Her expertise in restoration, organization, and digitization of significant cultural texts aids the Chinese community profoundly. Additionally, she extends her knowledge and skills in document preservation to Chinese associations, schools, and individual collectors, coupled with providing expert guidance in these areas.


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