We are committed to helping our teachers learn and grow.

offer unique perks and career opportunities

At Brain Champs Kindergarten, we’re a vibrant community passionate about innovating in teaching, sharing top-notch practices, and embracing professional growth with a touch of fun!

We’re on the lookout for educators who not only have a growth mindset but also bring a dash of creativity and joy in creating and implementing an academically stimulating, hands-on, practical, and project-based curriculum.

Our environment is a playground of learning, where both educators and little learners are encouraged to spread their wings. Our educators enjoy a high degree of freedom, encouraged to think creatively and teach from the heart.

Essential Roles & Fun-filled Responsibilities

  • Join our energetic team working with kids from 2 to 6 years.
  • Dive into roles like classroom management, imaginative lesson planning, building strong parent partnerships, and engaging in exciting community projects.
  • Embark on a journey of personal and professional growth.

Qualifications for our Educator Superheroes

  • Certifications in education or related fields.
  • Experience with children and enthusiasm for progressive, hands-on learning.
  • Open to both fresh faces and seasoned educators.
  • Extra skills or experiences? Bring them on!
  • Bonus points for nonprofit experience.

What We’re Looking For

  • A big heart and an empathetic view towards learners, parents, and teammates.
  • Commitment to social justice, equity, and a sprinkle of inventiveness.
  • Flexibility, collaboration, and a knack for thriving in dynamic settings.
  • Eagerness to engage with all age groups through interactive and imaginative activities.
  • Good communication skills, teamwork spirit, and a cape of responsibility!

Ready to be part of something extraordinary? Send in your application with your resume or get more information from +60124801208. Shortlisted candidates will be contacted for an interview. Join the adventure at Brain Champs Kindergarten – where learning is serious fun! 🚀🌟

在 Brain Champs 幼儿园,我们是一个充满活力的团体,热衷于教学创新,分享一流的实践,并以趣味性的方式拥抱专业成长!




  • 加入我们的充满活力的团队,与2到6岁的孩子一起工作。
  • 负责课堂管理、富有想象力的课程规划、建立牢固的家长伙伴关系以及参与激动人心的社区项目等角色。
  • 开启个人和专业成长的旅程。


  • 教育或相关领域的认证。
  • 与儿童工作的经验和对实践、动手学习的热情。
  • 欢迎新手和经验丰富的教育工作者。
  • 额外技能或经验。
  • 志愿或非营利团体经验加分。


  • 对学习者、家长和团队成员怀有一颗大心脏和同情心。
  • 对社会公正、平等和创新的承诺。
  • 灵活、协作并在动态环境中蓬勃发展的能力。
  • 渴望通过互动和富有想象力的活动与所有年龄组接触。
  • 良好的沟通技巧、团队合作精神和责任感!

准备成为 Brain Champs 的一部分吗?发送您的申请和简历,或通过 +60124801208. 获取更多信息。入围的候选人将被联系进行面试。加入 Brain Champs 幼儿园的教学旅途——,发挥你对幼儿学习的知识及启发更多方面的专业和个人的技能!🚀🌟


Career Path



Nourishing Connection

You'll be in the company of teammates who will treat you with respect, help you grow, and offer different ways of thinking.

The journey here at Brain Champs has been nothing but incredible although there were ups and downs but that made me strong and independent. Special thanks to Ms Karen for being coolest person and always patient in handling every situation, and also thanks for sharing alot of knowledgeable things as well. Working alongside each of you was indeed a blissful experience. I have truly cherished the experiences and memories we've created together. I hope in future I’ll get another chance to work with all of you again, definitely going to miss all you especially Ms Mona and Ms Clemence!🥲🥹

In my role as a teacher at Brain Champs, my commitment to personal growth was evident through various initiatives. I embraced new teaching methodologies, fostering a dynamic and interactive classroom environment. This not only resulted in improved student engagement but also honed my adaptability to evolving educational trends.

I actively sought professional development opportunities, attending workshops and courses on pedagogy and technology integration. Incorporating these insights into my teaching approach enhanced my ability to cater to diverse learning styles and effectively use educational technology.

Moreover, I took on leadership roles in curriculum development committees, refining my organizational and collaborative skills. As a result, I not only contributed to the improvement of educational programs but also cultivated a sense of teamwork among my peers.

Overall, my experiences at Brain Champs not only enriched my teaching skills but also underscored my dedication to continuous personal and professional growth in the field of education.

Yes, I would highly recommend others to join Brain Champs because my positive experience here has been shaped by the supportive and collaborative environment, dedicated staff, and commitment to fostering both professional growth and student success. The school’s values align with creating an enriching educational experience, making it an ideal workplace for passionate educators.

孩子的成长,不仅仅需要阳光和水份,更需要我们真诚的尊重和关爱,我们坚信爱是沟通与孩子心灵上的桥梁,在这一点 Brain Champs  的老师们真的做到很好很到位。

会,因为 Brain Champs 的孩子时常表现出来对长辈的尊重与关爱让家长们很欣慰。

  1. 2012年加入学校至今,个人最大的成长就是由助教为主教,能够独立担当。
  2. 非常欢迎加入这个温馨小家庭,校长与理事们都很通情达理,工作时间可以安排特制。
  1. 本来的我只是个职场小白,做事无方向,直到遇到了学校,这一切就发生了转变,也多亏了学校的栽培,把从助教转变成主教 而我也学会了担当。
  2. 以我个人在BC的日子里,这里感觉就像一个温馨的大家庭,这里除了效率高,大家也很照顾我,有事情可以跟大家沟通,大家都很同情达理。

Is wonderful working at Brain Champs can be a rewarding experience, and it's fantastic that each day brings new challenges and chances to enhance new skills.

乐学课室拥有一个舒适宽宽的环境,还提供CCTV确保学生在安全环境学习,同时创办人Ms. Karen 在学前教育用有丰富独特的教学理念,安排多彩的课程,激发创造力有趣味的学习,激发和培养每个孩子的发展潜力。

Be part of Brain Champs

Embark on an exciting and rewarding adventure at Brain Champs! Grow professionally and personally while teaching and engaging with our fantastic children and team. Check out our internship program and join us as a practicum student. For more fun details, just ask us!